Wild Bush Luxury – Partnership with Australian Chef, James Viles


To raise the profile of Wild Bush Luxury as a sustainable tourism organisation that reconnects guests with nature.


GTI identified and secured a partnership between Wild Bush Luxury and James Viles, owner and chef of two hatted Biota Dining & Rooms to highlight the strong commitment they both share to sustainable and ethical practices, and in reconnecting their guests to the Australian habitat.

This partnership also provided a new media angle and spokesperson in the absence of any new news at a product level and content for marketing channels.

The partnership comprised of three phases:

  • Researching and developing a wild food safari travel package at Wild Bush Luxury’s Bamurru Plains property with a bespoke bush menu and create content from this initial trip to use for promotion and media
  • Generating media coverage around the partnership as a new, interesting angle and generate bookings for the food safari
  • Hosting a food safari that guests could book, experience the property, eat the bespoke menu and learn about its creation from James Viles

To generate coverage GTI coordianted a media and VIP launch event; drafted and distributed a media release announcing the partnership and the bookable package; hosted food writers from Fairfax’s Good Food and Newscorp’s Escape supplement at Bamurru Plains during the food safari, generating online and print features of the experience; secured an interview for James Viles with food writer Necia Wilden from The Australian’s Life section resulting in a full page feature and online story featuring one of the bespoke recipes; coordinated an interview with Allison Wallace at Yahoo 7 Total Travel resulting in an online feature.

GTI Tourism also managed the promotion of the package over social media channels and the creation of a piece to camera with James talking about his passion for sustainable practices and endorsing Bamurru/Wild Bush Luxury.


  • Generated 12 pieces of media coverage over a period of six weeks, with an ad value of approximately AUD$180,000 and reach of 5 million
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  • November 9, 2016