New Caledonia – Instagram Treasure Hunt


Promote, inspire and educate consumers on New Caledonia through an interactive social media game, whilst also increasing consumer engagement and data capture.


Along with digital partner PLAY, GTI created an online instagram treasure hunt to find the ‘Heart of New Caledonia’ and unlock a secret code for the chance to win a trip.

We utilised Instagram to let consumers choose their own adventure through the different areas of New Caledonia – by following the clues and suggestions of the local population that they meet on their way.

45 Instagram accounts were created and linked to each other with an engaging story, encouraging consumers to click through to the next part of the story and get closer to the Heart.

This interactive activity allowed consumers to explore New Caledonia’s iconic neighbourhoods and discover the destination main attractions through a series of captivating images.

The Treasure Hunt led participants to the New Caledonia website so they could enter their ‘secret code’ for doubling their chances in the draw to win a trip to New Caledonia.


  • 23,888 entries to the Instagram Treasure Hunt (74%AU – 26%NZ)
  • Across both Australia and NZ, approximately 4,990 entries entered a secret code that was either  VOH2016/similar or relevant to the campaign
  • 19% of total  entries completed the entire Instagram journey
  • Across both Australia and NZ, 11,910 entries opted in to receive news about New Caledonia
  • The main video had 2,080 views, over 420 likes and 150 positive comments.
  • Total organic engagement on Instagram: 9,214
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  • November 6, 2016