Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority – #Vegas NOT Vegas


Develop a digital campaign that increases the desirability of Las Vegas as a travel destination for young Australians.

Drive engagement and acquisition for the tourism board’s Australia Facebook page by increasing sociability and viral spread of campaign and destination messages.



The idea came from the well-known notion that Las Vegas is the ultimate real-life-fantasy destination – a place where visitors can experience their fantasies everyday.

The #VegasNotVegas digital campaign was conceptualised to contrast people’s dull daily reality versus the more magical and memorable Vegas daily reality.


Over 3 weeks in August 2015, LVCVA, in partnership with travel retailer iTravel, ran a social media campaign where people shared their day-to-day “not Vegas” experiences using the hashtag… #VegasNOTVegas.

Each week had a different theme:    

WEEK 1: Show us your NOTVegas lunch #VegasNOTVegas

WEEK 2: Show us your NOTVegas ride #VegasNOTVegas

WEEK 2: Show us your NOTVegas ride #VegasNOTVegas

Each week the most creative #VegasNOTVegas most engageing entry won a prize trip to Las Vegas.

A social influencer was also sent to Las Vegas (prior to campaign launch) to experience her own Vegas moments and promote the different weekly themes.  Consumers were led to a campaign microsite to enter and the microsite featured a running stream of #VegasNOTVegas posts (entries).

iTravel was the call to action and competition partner and Las Vegas packages were promoted on the campaign microsite and in social posts.

The campaign was promoted by a Facebook media spend, and email newsletters.


  • Campaign Reach: 2,756,825
  • Campaign Website: 2,214 visits
  • Campaign Entries: 386 entries (user-generated content provided & shared)
  • Organic Fan Acquisition: 2,582 new Facebook fans acquired
  • Las Vegas Bookings with iTravel: up 400% YOY
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  • November 9, 2016
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