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Gripping views and life unmarred highlight Butterfield & Robinson’s new India Walking trip for 2018

Dedicated to adding unique and authentic experiences at every turn, Butterfield & Robinson, the world’s premier active travel company, announces India Walking for 2018. Focused on wonderful sights and cultural experiences across the region, the one week tour from Jodhpur to Narlai to Delwara is designed for travellers to slow down and immerse themselves in India’s heritage. The India Walking trip also marks a return to the vibrant Rajasthan region for B&R, whose guests will enjoy preferential treatment at signature hotels and a recreational level of daily activity.

The Blue City of Jodhpur
“In returning to north India, B&R not only provides guests with a unique, world-class cultural experience, but we get to remind travellers of our commitment to every moment of their adventure,” says Norman Howe, president, Butterfield & Robinson. “With India Walking, we have built-in surprises and detailed additions to enhance an already unforgettable walking tour.”

B&R travellers will bask in the warmth of private sunsets above the Blue City of Jodhpur, hike from a former Maharaja hunting lodge to overlook the desert, all before practicing yoga and serenity over the Aravalli Hills. Along the way, daytime treks are rewarded with breathtaking views, a glass of wine, as well as evenings spent at luxurious, awe-inspiring and centuries-old resorts and hotels.

“India Walking is such an important trip to offer our active and curious guests,” says Karen MacRae, B&R’s India expert. “Being immersed in authentic aspects of life in India – from unchanged religion in hidden temples to remnants of the caste system within villages – is a significant experience to be able to provide our travellers.”

India Walking Highlights
• A walking tour through the Old City of Jodhpur reveals bustling markets with trade, cultural traditions and cuisine, before a private, after hours tour of Mehrangarh Fort leads to a glass of champagne and the sunset from nearly 400 ft. above the Blue City.
• A day in the village of Narlai and nearby foothills includes some of the oldest temples in the region before travellers can hike the ‘elephant mountain’ from their hotel. A single granite rock makes up the mountain, and at the top, a white elephant statue acts as the tusked guardian of the grand desert.
• A drive to Kumbhalgarh leads to the magnificent Mountbatten Lodge and a sanctuary hike, followed by a visit to the Jain temple of Ranakpur, where Jain religion, a maze of 1,444 distinctly-made marble pillars and a humbling respect for life are at the forefront.
• The rolling, infinite views of the Aravalli Hills are the backdrop to morning yoga. Following this stretch, guests descend in to the wondrous green of Aravalli for a two hour hike to Rashtrasena Mata temple, a famous 500 ft. tall structure. The morning trek is rewarded with a lakeside lunch picnic near Devigarh Palace, before a local guide leads the group into the nearby village.
Activity Level

The activity level for India Walking is recreational, meaning B&R’s itinerary of daily village, sanctuary and mountain walking is appropriate for people who enjoy a good hike. Some days, guests may choose to skip the walk and immerse themselves in yoga, resort-provided spa treatments or a dip in the pool.

Hotel Details
• Raas – Boasting private vistas, grand guestrooms and gardens among four rose-red sandstone buildings from the 18th century, the rooms at Raas in Jodhpur also offer spectacular views of Mehrangarh Palace.
• Rawla Narlai – While staying in this former hunting lodge of the Maharaja, guests will hear the airy chanting of nearby temples and mosques from their comfortable rooms in a delightful accommodation rich in history.
• Raas Devigarh – Situated in the Aravalli Hills, the former fort and 18th century resort has undergone years of restoration to offer modern day luxury. The boutique hotel offers 23 suites with embellished marble and semi-precious stones.

The 7 days/6 nights India Walking tour runs February 2018, from AUD$11,140, with single supplements starting at AUD$2,043.

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